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It’s literally killing me.

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Cool :)its really awesome you are so open about cardiophilia, I wish I was as brave. When did you decide you could "tell all" about it?

from Anonymous

Thank you! I just hid it for so many years I got really sick of hiding one of the biggest parts of myself from my friends, you know?

And it was probably around when I was 15 or 16. I told some select few people when I was younger than that, too, but in general that was the time frame in which I threw caution to the wind and decided to tell everyone without caring what they thought!

You’ll get that bravery one day, I think. Most people do. You just have to become more comfortable with it, I think. You said you’re still young, right? Give it a few years and you might build up that indifference to people’s opinions about. And you’ll feel so much better when you do!


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it is not a good day for me in fact it is not a good week

i move on saturday i dont wanna do it

i just wanna drink a lot of alcohol until i pass out and then idek after that. but i sure don’t wanna face life.

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Yayyy thx!! ^_^ So what age did you know you were a cardiophilie and what kind of experiences made you realize this?

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I knew once I was around 5, I guess. I mean it’s been a part of me for as long as I can consciously remember. Of course it didn’t start out as something sexual for me because I was so young, but I had a very strange and unnatural obsession with hearts and stethoscopes, and when I went to the doctor I absolutely hated having to get my heart checked cause it embarrassed me to no end.

There really weren’t experiences, to be honest. Just since I learned what the heart was I was interested in it. And then that grew and grew and grew and grew and then once I got a bit older I finally understood that what I was feeling was sexual attraction towards them and I started listening to files online, watching videos online, joining heartbeat sites and talking to other cardiophiles. My whole life I thought I was a weird sicko and that I was the only one and boy was I wrong.

Now I fly my cardiophile flag high and proud.


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To create that relationship with him and to resee him as my brother, it was easy. And then, to have to say ‘No’ to him it’s very very difficult because he’s so- he’s a deeply emotional actor. And a very v u l n e r a b l e actor. And very raw. - Andrew Garfield 

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LAWLESS (2012)

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*aggressively hugs you and your muse super duper tight until you are both smiling and feeling better*

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OH HELLO YOUNGER FEMALE thats completely okay I will talk about anything with anyone really <3

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